There are many expressions of church in the Wellington district. Some have been around for hundreds of years andothers a lot less, but we all have a part to play as the ‘Body of Christ’. This term is used in the New Testament part of the Bible in 1 Corinthians 12. It describes, even back when these words were first written, how we are all different and express ourselves in different ways. But it also says that if each part joins together as a whole that it functions well as one ‘body’. And this is the principle ay work in our town – where ever we can, we like to do things together. And this unity is precious to us. This does not dull our uniqueness or try to make us try to be the same – far from it! Rather we like to work with our different strengths to be even better in our diversity.

We invite you to see the links to all the churches that are part of this body and hope you will find a place among them where you can find the hope, joy and life that comes from following Jesus together.